Tony Blair, 2 oktober 2001

Nedan följer några rader ur talet som Tony Blair höll inför Labourkongressen, 2 oktober 2001, i skuggan efter terrorattacken mot New York den 11 september.

Ur ”Talet till Labourkongressen”

”Just two weeks ago, in New York, after the church service I met some of the families of the British victims.
It was in many ways a very British occasion. Tea and biscuits. Rain outside. Around the edge of the room, strangers making small talk, trying to be normal people in a very abnormal situation. And as you crossed the room, you felt the longing and sadness; hands that where clutching photos of sons and daughters, wives and husbands; imploring you to believe them when they said there was still an outside chance of their loved ones being found alive, it could be true when in truth you knew in truth that all hope was gone.
 And then a middle aged mother looks you in the eyes and tells you that her only son has died, and asks you: why?
 I tell you: you do not feel like the most powerful person in the country at times like that.”



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